Does Metformin Cause Weight Loss?

Does Metformin cause weight loss? If you ask a serious health professional, the answer would most likely be no.

A few health experts are of the opinion that Metformin doesn’t work for weight loss and probably won’t help with your weight loss. They believe that it is not only ineffective but is in fact a drug with dangerous side effects. Some experts believe that this diet drug has many possible side effects which can result in serious problems like dehydration, high blood pressure, heart attacks, liver disease, kidney failure, etc.

However, not everyone agrees that Metformin doesn’t work for weight loss. The question is why? There are several possible reasons for this.

– Metformin is said to be a diet pill which could change your body chemistry by elevating or lowering levels of Metsoglobin. There are many pills containing Metsoglutarate which you can take to avoid becoming overweight. These pills however can cause many problems as they contain large amounts of sugar and will therefore cause your body to metabolize the sugar slowly, instead of speeding up the process, giving you a feeling of lethargy and a reduction in energy level.

– Another reason is that Metformin is known to suppress your appetite. You will stop craving food and that can be a big help when you try to lose weight. However, eating food too quickly can also lead to overeating which can result in fat gain.

– Another side effect of this drug is a loss of energy. It is said that this drug makes your body slower and makes it less efficient at burning fat. This could be a major factor why people take Metformin rather than losing weight by a natural way.- In the same way as above, people with diabetes could have a different case. Other kinds of medicines for diabetes can cause weight loss, if taken in an excessive quantity.

– There is one more aspect which is often forgotten in all the discussions about the drugs that can cause weight loss. This aspect concerns the side effects of this drug and how they can affect your health negatively.

– Obesity is known to increase the risk of developing other diseases like stroke, heart disease, etc. It is also thought that by obesity people are much more prone to develop the diseases than people who are not obese.

So, when it comes to the question of whether Metformin works for weight loss, the answer would be no. But if you want to lose weight and feel more energetic, without any side effects, you can choose the natural methods which are very effective. These natural ways will give you the energy you crave and won’t make you prone to any diseases.

It is true that Metformin isn’t a diet pill, but it is still a drug and should be treated as such. It is more advisable to choose natural ways for weight loss since a lot of side effects can result from it.