Does Green Tea Help With Weight Loss?

Yes, it really does help with weight loss. But you need to make sure that you take this supplement in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and change of diet. Even if you take green tea pills, you will only shed those excess kilos by doing exercise. You cannot lose weight without changing your lifestyle. In fact, even though green tea pills are quite effective in getting rid of kilos, they will not do it alone. Unless you take them along with a healthy lifestyle, you cannot expect to see any great results.

Your lifestyle and your diet play a big role in helping you lose those excess kilos. However, irrespective of how much green tea supplements you take, it’s impossible to shed off pounds unless you lead a healthy and active life. Just like a slim person, you need to keep moving, be physically active throughout the day, eat well and get enough rest at night. These simple tips will enable you to burn more calories and get a slimmer body.

If you are used to sitting around all day, then you should start taking exercise. You can go for a walk or even ride a bicycle. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you do, as long as you do it regularly and with intensity. This regular exercise along with your weight loss diet combination will certainly bring wonders.

Drinking lots of water regularly also helps in flushing out toxins from your body. It also rejuvenates your cells and keeps your skin healthy. A cup of hot green tea before heading out to work is a good idea. It boosts your energy level and keeps you alert and energetic.

Tea has antioxidant properties that help reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases. It helps in digestion and prevents constipation. It also helps in increasing the production of serotonin, which is responsible for the mood enhancement. This supplement also regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Thus it helps in regulating appetite, boosting energy and in regulating weight.

Green tea can prevent hair loss, wrinkles, and skin disorders. All these properties make it a worthy addition to any weight loss program. This supplement can also help to control your cholesterol level and reduce the risk of heart diseases. This tea is rich in caffeine, iron and calcium. Thus makes it a worthwhile dietary supplement.

The extract of this tea called ECGC prevents cell oxidation. It helps in preventing free radical formation which causes damage to our DNA. This substance can also control blood sugar levels and increase the sensitivity of taste buds. There are two types of ECGC, one from Japan and the other from Europe. The European type has been used much more successfully than the Japanese one.

The antioxidants found in green tea helps to protect nerve cells from being affected by toxins. This helps prevent memory loss, slow down the aging process, protect against skin disorders and premature wrinkling of the skin. It also helps prevent cancer and stimulates the growth of new cells. The amount of caffeine in green tea varies according to the variety. The darker varieties contain more caffeine. The recommended dose is 100 mg per day for the best results.

Green tea contains polyphenols. These are powerful antioxidants which have the ability to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. When consumed in combination with exercise, it helps to reduce fat stores in the body. Weight loss is a major benefit of green tea.

The amount of green tea consumed is related to the fat levels in the body. Less tea means less fat in the body. More tea helps to reduce fat stores. Studies have shown that the combination of green tea and exercise can help to reduce body fat and improve the metabolic rate. This helps in burning more calories, increasing the metabolism and reducing the risk of developing heart diseases.

The benefits of this beverage are not just limited to weight loss. It has many other benefits such as reducing stress, improving immune system and decreasing the risk of cancer. It also helps to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes and hypertension. This beverage helps to fight depression and anxiety.